CSM Program

The Contraceptive Social Marketing is an important strategy to reach the underserved groups of the population.

By providing contraceptives in retail outlets, this facilitates the accessibility of these services to the specific target groups.
List of Sales Points in various locations

  • Pamplemousses / Riviere du Rempart

    Pamplemousses / Riviere du Rempart

    Pharmacie de Triolet Triolet
    Pharmacie Unuth Triolet
    Pharmacie Unicare Triolet
    Medpharm Triolet
    Club Mediterannee Pointe Aux Cannoniers
    Store 2000 Pointe Aux Cannoniers
    Boutique Stephen Pereybere
    Pharmacie de Pereybere Pereybere
    Preiser Industry Goodlands
    Pharmacie Kadress Goodlands
    Pharmacie de Terre Rouge Terre Rouge
    Le Hochet Pharmacy Terre Rouge
    New Pharmacy Burtally Ste. Croix
    Bentley Apparel Roche Bois
    Tropic Knits Baie du Tombeau
  • Plaines Wilhems District

    Plaines Wilhems District

    Pharmacie Woodun La Louise
    Pharmacie Care plus Colline Candos Quatre Bornes
    Tabagie Jackaria Quatre Bornes
    Pharmacie Henry La Louise
    Mayfield Pharmacy La Louise
    Solferino Pharmacy Solferino
    Tabagie Santa Maria Visitation Vacoas
    Pharmacie So Medico La Caverne Vacoas
    London Store Vacoas
    Boutique Philippe Vacoas
    Boutique Antoine Vacoas
    Moraby Pharmacie Vacoas
    Pharmacie Matadeen Vacoas
    Tabagie Jean Vacoas
  • SMF JRC I Vacoas / SMF JRC II Vacoas

    SMF JRC I Vacoas / SMF JRC II Vacoas

    Medi Health Pharmacy Belle Rose
    Castel Pharmacy Castel
    Pharmacy Ramdoyal Beau Bassin
    Biopharm Beau Bassin
    Cascades Store Beau Bassin
  • Beau Bassin / Rose-Hill

    Beau Bassin / Rose-Hill

    Pharmacie de Beau Bassin Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie d’Antelme Stanley, Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie Jaulimsing Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie Access Beau Bassin
    Pharm Express Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie Notre Dames de Victoire Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie New Stanley Stanley, Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie Burkingham Stanley, Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie Arthemidore Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie Hibicus Roche Brunes
    Aquarelle Clothing Ltd Ste Anne Road, Rose-Hill
    New Island Clothing Boundary Road, Quatre Bornes
    Textile Industries Ltd Mare Gravier, Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie Roche Brunes Huguin Road, Roche Brunes
    Pharmacie Nupharm Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie Edward VII Rose-Hill
    Auberge Latanier Stanley, Rose-Hill
    Pharmacie La Confiance Coromandel
    Pharmacie de Phoenix Phoenix
    Pharmacy d’Epinay Curepipe Road
    Pharmacy Seetulsingh Curepipe
    Pharmacie Beehary Phoenix
    Pharmacie Imperiale Beau Bassin
    Pharmacie A & A Joosub Pte Aux Sables
    Club Med-Albion Albion
  • Moka


    Pharmacie de Saint Pierre Saint Pierre
    Cooperative Le Reduit Reduit
    Tabagie MCA Reduit
    Pharmacy Moka Moka
    Tabagie Dora Moka
  • Flacq


    Pharmacie Lallmatie Lallmatie
    Pharmacie Vogue Central Flacq
    Pharmacie Indurjeet Bel Air Riviere Seche
    Supermarche Rolo Bel Air Riviere Seche
    Vial Pharmacie Central Flacq
    Shankar Garments Boulet Rouge, Flacq
    Pharmacie Roshnie Central Flacq
    Pharmacie Sewpaul Central Flacq
    Pharmacie Harish Central Flacq
    Pharmacie Jhummun Central Flacq
    Star knitwear-Argy Flacq (Sunline Ltd) Argy, Flacq
    World Knits Ltd Villemin, Quartier Militaire
    Dragon Royal Guest House Central Flacq
    Pharmacie Bel Air Bel Air
  • Grand Port / Black River & Savanne Districts

    Grand Port / Black River & Savanne Districts

    Boutique Ile de France Petite Riviere
    Pharmacie Petite Riviere Petite Riviere
    Bambous Pharmacy Bambous
    Tamarin Store Tamarin
    London Store Riviere Noire
    La Gaulette Supermarket La Gaulette
    London Store Souillac
    Boutique L’Escalier Royal Road, L’Escalier
    Boutique Sadoo Nouvelle France
    Cooperative Rose Belle Royal Road, Rose Belle
    Pharmacie Rose Belle Rose Belle
    Pharmacie Doorgakant Plaine Magnien
    Pharmacie St.Esprit Plaine Magnien
    Pharmacie de Mahebourg Plaine Magnien
    Boutique Guy Plaine Magnien
    Pharmacie Doorga New Grove
  • Port-Louis


    Pharmacie Kentish Plaine Verte
    Pharmacie Dauhoo Plaine Verte
    Pharmacie Seeburn Plaine Verte
    Supermarket Phillip Ip Plaine Verte
    Pharmacie de Port-Louis Opp. Bus Stop North
    Pharmacie Farqhar Farqhar Street
    Boutique Lee Kwee Port-Louis
    Pharmacie de Port-Louis Port-Louis
    Nupharm Port-Louis
    Pharmacare Port-Louis
    Pharmacie de L’Ouest Port-Louis
    Hotel de Port Louis Port-Louis
    Pharmacie Atchia Port-Louis
    MFPWA Daycare Centre La Tour Koenig