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Drop-in Center


The goal of the Drop-In-Center Project is to provide help for children who are victims of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation and their parents in terms of education, information, counseling, medical, contraceptive and legal facilities. In 2009, the Drop-In-center Project has attracted a major donor, the Prime Minister’s office, through the Women’s and Children’s in Distress Solidarity Fund in order to address the existing problem of sexual abuse and exploitation of children which is a serious issue in Mauritius and this project is being actually funded by the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.

Services Offered at the Drop-In-Centre

  • Psycho-Sexual Counseling
  • Judicial Assistance
  • Medical Assistance and Counseling
  • Assist the integration of children in the family, school and society.

The Drop-In-Center consists of personnel like a doctor, a nurse, a clinical psychologist, a law representative, educators and social workers.

Counselling services at the Drop-In-Center is also available between 8.30 – 4.00 pm. A social worker is attached to the Drop-In-Center and makes home visits to assist youths faced with sexual abuse problems and who are victims of child prostitution. If you know children who victims of sexual exploitation? Help them by contacting on the number 213-3112, 213-3114.