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Any person or institution is eligible for membership provided that the approved application form is submitted. The Member shall serve the Association on a voluntary basis without any conflict of interest. No individual member shall use his or her position with the Association to further the manufacture, distribution, promotion, or sale of any materials, products or services in which that person has either a direct or indirect financial interest. No member shall accept any gift or payment from a provider, or potential provider, of goods or services to the Association. It is expected that members should have adequate knowledge of the Association’s Constitution, the programmes they direct, the roles of the different governance structures. Members should continuously keep themselves updated of the reproductive health issues and governance and good practices given the dynamic changes in NGO and development approaches.

In 2008 the volunteers will be called upon to play a more proactive role in advancing key Sexual and Reproductive Health policies, devise strategies to advocate for a better sexual and reproductive health environment. Dedicated volunteers will be recruited to promote the visibility and image of the Association as well as improve the performance of the Association.