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While the country seems to have made satisfactory progress in the use of family planning methods, there are issues and factors that still stand in the way of full access of services that need to be addressed like high fertility rates among some women, teenage pregnancy and youth sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, increase in reproductive tract malignancies, use of unreliable contraceptive methods by people, infertility etc.


To ensure that all people – irrespective of age, sex, culture or ethnic group – have the opportunity to exercise their rights and to make free and informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.


All people in Mauritius are able to exercise their rights and have access to Sexual Reproductive Health information, sexuality education and quality services including family planning.


  • Provide SRH information and services to men and women in the depressed areas, promote male participation and involvement in family welfare and improve couple relationships;
  • Increase access of the underserved population of Pointe-aux-Sables to quality integrated SRH/FP services at the Daycare Centre of La Tour Koenig
  • Improve access to specialized sexual reproductive health services for the underserved in Rodrigues
  • Increase access to SRH Counseling and Services and improve knowledge and education among children, adolescents, men and women from vulnerable groups
  • Reinforce and decentralize the Family Health Centre