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There is a growing understanding in the international community of the role of Gender as a fundamental influence; along with decision making power, access to education and earning power. Men play a critical role in women's ability to seek care and enhance their status. It must be conceded that the world is still patriarchal and even in some of the most developed regions of the world; men still remain the sole decision maker on all matters related to family welfare and women well-being. However, men are often uninformed or misinformed about essential needs of women, and this constitutes very serious inhibiting factors at women development and empowerment. In Mauritius, through the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development & Family Welfare much has been undertaken in terms of law reforms to protect the interest of women and also to promote their status. However, as in many parts of the world, patriarchy dominates and it has been observed that programme aiming at enhancing women status is the gender stereotypes and male attitude but which fortunately is decreasing. No gender sensitive programme will succeed without male participation and involvement.

Aim of Project

Such initiative: Is a gender-sensitive programme, based on community involvement, which aims at partnership building, and fosters on concerted effort for the attainment of the highest level of family harmony and happiness. Responds to the global demand and also the local need to raise awareness and enhance male participation and involvement in all matters related to Women Empowerment and family Welfare.